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We're all on a journey through life - a journey that takes us each on a unique path. Learn how we can guide you to making the right financial choices.


Financial Planning Process

1. Understanding your Needs

We first get to know you in detail to map out where you are in terms of your personal and financial circumstances. Your designated specialist will have an in-depth conversation with you and take time to understand your life goals and the things that are important to you. This helps us ascertain your financial objectives and commence work on formulating the best methods for you to reach your personal objectives.


2. Develop a Strategy


With intimate knowledge of your personal and financial situation and a clear picture of your life objectives, we will then help to explore your options in detail and path out different approaches for you to reach these objectives. During this phase, we consider multiple alternative scenarios which include the economic climate, current legislative frameworks, your financial position and your personal values in mind before determining the most suitable route for you.


3. Prepare a Plan


We start this phase by making sure that our vision of your values and goals are aligned with your true values and goals. With this, you will be presented with your tailor-made strategies, and illustrate how these strategies make the most of your resources to help you achieve both your personal and financial objectives.


4. Implement Recommendations


At this stage we would have your financial plan confirmed and we would now focus on implementing it well. Upon agreeing on the ideal strategy for you, proper documentation and a detailed schedule will be set up. Our specialist client services team will then implement the plan. They will work closely with you on a personal basis to ensure all our recommended strategies are professionally implemented on schedule and to your satisfaction.


5. Review the Plan


With the constantly changing economic climate and your progressive objectives and life goals, it is important that we regularly review the economy and your personal circumstances. This ensures that the strategies you employ are aligned with your purposes and constantly performing at optimum levels. We take pride in building real, long-term relationships with each of our clients, and strive for the best outcomes for them.


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